At Northeast, our goal is provide opportunities for everyone to grow in their spiritual walk. For some that might be through a weekly women's or men's bible study. For others that might be joining a small group or simply getting involved and giving back. Our Adult Ministry provides many of those opportunities and more! 

Men - Northeast's Men Ministry exists to provide men with the skills, tools and environment to grow their spiritual walk and community relationships.

Women - Northeast's Women Ministry is here to support women of all ages, through their days, with relevant and applicable classes, groups, and studies.

Marriage - The Marriage Ministry exists to strengthen and encourage the marriages at Northeast through Christ centered relationships. Couples who value their marriage make it a priority!  We provide marriage growth opportunities in various settings: Couples Small Groups, Classes, Date Nights & Marriage Mentoring. 

Couples Small Groups - Community is key to growing your faith and relationship with your spouse. Whether you have no kids, little kids, teenagers, or are an empty nester, we have a couples group that fits you! To learn more about getting involved with a small group, please join us at our next Group Connect event. For more information, please visit our Groups page. 

Date Night - Date Night is an essential element for strengthening a couple's relationship. Throughout the year, the Marriage Ministry hosts Date Nights for you and your spouse to spend focused time together as a couple!  View the Upcoming Events Calendar to see what other events we have coming up.

College-Aged - Amplified College-Aged Ministry is for young adults aged 17- 24 who are either working, attending college or both.

Young Adults - The Driven Ministry is all about providing a place where young adults (age 23-33) can gather in a faith community to be encouraged and help you connect with others in the same place in life.  

Go & Do - Are part of our core values, we Go & Do, by serving within our community and around the globe. 

Marriage Mentoring - Mentoring is a process involving communication, informal knowledge sharing, and relational support in an environment of personal accountability.  Marriage Mentoring is a wonderful opportunity for premarital and married couples to work with a married couple who has been specially trained to serve as a Marriage Mentor couple.  Mentoring helps couples develop a healthy marriage focused on God.  Marriage Mentoring is also encouraged for married couples who are facing challenges in their relationship. For more information on Marriage Mentoring, contact Jay at or 502-212-520

Mentoring can bring about significant positive changes in a marriage before a couple find themselves in true crisis.  Professional counseling is more appropriate for couples in severe crisis.  Northeast's North Springs Counseling Center offers confidential counseling.