Connect With Northeast!

Here at Northeast, it’s important to us that you find a place where you belong. We believe that being in community with other Christians is essential to your walk with Christ. We also know that we simply can’t carry out our vision and mission as a church without your help – and that’s why we want you to join a serving team. So whether you’re brand new to Northeast, or you’ve been around here for a little while and haven’t plugged in yet, Connect is for you. At Connect, you’ll learn what the Bible says about being in community and serving your church – the two best ways to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the person God wants you to be.

Get in a group. Join a team. Sometimes when you want to grow closer to Christ, you just have to take that first step. Join us at Connect to learn more! Connect usually meets the first full weekend of every month, during each of our weekend services in the Fireside Room. Registration is currently open for March and May 2018. We will not hold Connect in April or on Saturday, May 5. Register here.