Saturday, October 28 - Brownsboro Campus 
(9900 Brownsboro Road)
7:00-9:00 PM

Due to weather, the Breslin Park Kidabalou event for Friday, October 27 has been cancelled.

Our vision at Northeast is to Boldly Change Lives Now! One of the ways we accomplish that is by Boldly pursuing the lost. This means to we go to where the need is. Kidabalou offers the opportunity to go into the community and show the love of Christ through a fun event.

The cool part is that Kidabalou takes on two different formats. One is by going to Breslin Park. We are able to meet people in their community and provide an opportunity for them to participate in a fun event that helps them feel cared for and loved. The other is offering Kidabalou on our Brownsboro campus. This helps the community around the Brownsboro campus have a fun and safe event, and is an opportunity for people to see that our church isn’t just about weekend services. We hope you will join us! There are a few ways to get involved, and you may find out more about them below!

It's a exciting evening with:

  • Music

  • Trunk-or-treating

  • Food

  • Lots and lots of candy for the kids

  • Inflatable jumpies

And best of all - IT'S ALL FREE!!


Volunteer Opportunities:

Set-up Team (men only) – This team works to make sure that we are ready before our guests arrive.

Candy/Food Runners Team - Supply the trunk with candy and food through out the night

Food and Drink Team – We will be serving free food, volunteers needed to greet our guests and hand out food and drinks.

Food Grill & Prep Team – This team includes people who are grilling, as well as those who are wrapping food, running to the trailers/tents and just keeping everything stocked.

Inflatables Team – There will be five different inflatables for kids to enjoy at Breslin only. We will have two volunteers per inflatable to help make sure they are having fun in a safe way.

Medical Team - This team will be on site at both locations incase of emergencies.

Traffic/Hospitality Team - this team will direct traffic and mingle with our guest at the picnic area.

Trunks – Our goal is to have a minimum of 50 trunks at Breslin Park and 150 at our Brownsboro Campus. Decorate your car, van or SUV (and yourself if you want!) and hand out candy to kids as they pass by. This is a great opportunity for small groups to serve together by hosting a collection of trunks together. ONLY ONE PERSON NEEDS TO REGISTER PER TRUNK.

Clean-up Team – Help us clean up after a great event. You can stick around after the event or just show up at the end of the event. We are usually wrapped up within one hour. 

Questions, contact Rosemarie at or 212-5248.

Click here to volunteer at Brownsboro Campus on Saturday, October 28.