FAQS: Media Requests 

Is this different from a Marketing Request? 
What was previously called a Marketing Request, is now a Media Request to include video elements in a single, easy to complete form that will be utilized by both the Marketing and Programming departments.

I like to use paper forms - can I just use the old Marketing Request form? 
We know that sometimes it's easier to use the paper forms, however, moving forward all requests must be submitted online. We promise we aren't trying to make your job harder - this just ensures there's an accurate "paper" trail with date and time stamps, as well as a digital copy so that we can ensure no requests are lost or overlooked. We've also automated the notification processes with the Programming Team, so that there is no delay between the original request and them being able to review any video requests.

When do I need to complete a Media Request?
When a request should be complete depends on your project and needs. The standard rule is a minimum of 3 week before the first date needed (which is not always the event date) for marketing needs and 5 weeks for video needs. However, if you are requesting items that need to be ordered, the earlier the better to allow for adequate time for processing and shipping. When in doubt, ask the Marketing Director.

What do all the “Communication Channels” mean?

  • Announcement Slides – The slides are updated weekly and are shown before and after weekend services on the large side screens in the main auditorium and in the main lobby.
  • Weekend Bulletin – Each week a bulletin is produced in both paper and digital versions for our guests. Listings will vary in form but generally include dates and times, description of event (as space allows), website, and in so cases graphics.
  • Logo/Graphic – A graphic element that represents your ministry, event, class, etc.
  • Video – Generally used in our weekend services or online, a short video 30 second – 3 minutes long feature and promoting your project. Due to limited resources, not all videos will be approved. Please see below for additional details on how the video process will work.
  • Stage Announcement – Generally delivered by a host during our weekend services. Please see below for additional details on our criteria for how to determine what is included during the announcement time.
  • Postcard/Handout/Invitation – Generally printed materials that you can use to promote your project. When possible, we try to produce these in-house to save on costs, but can send out for print if needed.
  • Social Media – Posts on our Twitter and Facebook pages highlighting your project.
  • Poster – Large format print piece to promote your project.
  • Webpage Header – The large picture you see at the top of a page on our website.
  • Website Home Screen – A large image displayed on the home page – www.necchurch.org. This space is limited to large, church wide events that impact everyone or mostly everyone at Northeast.
  • Signage – Includes door signs, exterior signs, and directional signs.
  • Print Advertising – External media outlets – newspapers, newsletters, etc.
  • Other – everything else. Mark this for t-shirts, promotional materials, etc.

What can you expect when you submit a new Media Request for Marketing?
It is important to process that when you complete the form you include as much information as possible. Key details like dates, times, deadlines for registrations, websites, etc are vital. Once the request has been received, the Marketing Department will review the request and touch base with you on any additional details needed. A plan will be built around when you can expect elements to be delivered as well as when requested items will be launched. The Marketing Department will also communicate in advance if at any point the plan changes.

What is the criteria for Stages Announcements?
The weekend service is a great way to connect Northeast members with your projects. However, we have a time limit, and can’t spend large amounts of time on announcements. Our Host Time is a weekly part of the weekend service that we pass on large event, time sensitive announcements to the congregation. This time is extremely limited and highlights announcements that tie directly to our mission (Go Tell/Grow/Do), vision (Boldly Changing Lives Now) and 3-year plan (Boldly Pursue Lost/Next Generation/Jesus Together). These must also apply to large segments of our church (everyone, all men, all women, all students, etc…) These must also be time-sensitive and have a next step.

Occasionally we’ll use Video Announcements during the service to highlight large church events that tie to Mission/Vision/Plan. Video announcements must meet the same criteria as the host announcements. These videos can also be used on social media & the website.

Another way to utilize the weekend services is through our Celebrating Ministry time, a fairly new part of our offering time when the host will share stories about how a ministry is changing lives. We want our members to know what their money is going to when they give to the offering at Northeast, so we love to share how a ministry or event accomplished that. The items discussed in this time can be smaller in scope or group size.

What can you expect from the new Media Request process as it relates to Videos?
Our goal in changing this system is to bring more structure and a better communication plan as it relates to the Video Request process. You will now have the option of requesting a video as part of the online Media Request form, but what happens after that is completely new. Here are some important points and highlights of the new system:

  1. Requests are due 5 weeks out from the time a video is to be shown.
  2. Upon submission, a copy of your request is sent to both marketing and programming for review.
  3. After receiving a video request, the Marketing and Programming departments will determine if your request for a video is approved based on project, scope, and resources. Any and all decisions are open for discussion and you will know the final decision within a week of submitting.
  4. After a video is approved, you will get an invitation for a slot in the Media Request Meeting that will happen every Wednesday starting at 10 AM. This meeting is required. At least 4 weeks out from showing, this is your opportunity to share your goals and ideas for the proposed video, and even start brainstorming concepts. Please come to this meeting prepared with ideas, dates, times, websites, etc. so that we can work efficiently.
  5. 3 Weeks out from the showing, you will again be asked to attend the Media Request Meeting and we will discuss scripts, location, talent, etc. After this meeting the video goes into production. This meeting is required and vital to ensuring you get the video you want.
  6. 1 week out from the showing, a member of the Video team will contact you to review the video and request any additional changes.
  7. After completion, the video will be pushed to Vimeo and be available for use.