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Annual Report



We wouldn’t pray for a moment like this, but we were made for a moment like this.

Northeast would not be the awesome place it is without our dedicated team of volunteers. There is a wide range of ministries where you can plug in, get connected, and use your gifts for God’s glory. It doesn’t matter whether you serve on campus, in our city, or around the globe. Small acts done with great love will change the world.

Kingdom impact looks beyond and outside of itself.

We want to redefine church by the way we live, love, and serve, earning a reputation as the Love the ‘Ville church.

COVID-19 Relief

250+ individual deliveries made

We delivered over 1000+ pizzas to our local healthcare workers as a treat to get through the day serving our community.

38,534 Snack Packs collected and given to the community

We opened our doors to collect all kinds of canned goods to alleviate food scarcity in our city, which reached an all-time high during the pandemic.

27,325 pantry items collected

A lot of kids desperately need the meals that they get in school, like their breakfasts and lunches. But when COVID hit and they weren’t going to school, they weren’t able to get the food they depend on to survive. Northeast was able to bless all of the kids in the school system in our surrounding zip codes with our food pantry and snack packs.

27,325 hygiene kits

We worked with our partner, Scarlet Hope, to gather items for hygiene kits for women in our community who needed them.


Served 25 schools during a pandemic

Before 2020, we regularly partnered with 10 schools, and the pandemic brought us opportunities to meet the needs of many more. In the middle of 2020, we added our eleventh partner school, Portland Elementary.

Served 41 young ladies who attend the TAPP School (Teenage Parenting Program)

Each mother and child received 12 days of gifts for Christmas. The young moms were also given twelve days of encouraging messages from some of our Northeast staff and volunteers.

900 Teachers Served

The pandemic was not easy on our teachers. They had to take the classroom virtual, and we wanted to support them in anyway we could. We blessed them with gift cards to use for supplies and equipment they would need for their virtual classrooms.


Served 50 non-profits, churches, and businesses

We are official partners with 8 non-profits, but were able to serve many more local non-profits, churches, and businesses throughout 2020.

Served 34 zip codes

The pandemic presented needs for our community that we thought we would never see. We were able to create a food pantry and collect hygiene kits to serve thousands of people in our city.

Served 300+ Thanksgiving boxes and turkeys

We were able to join with some of our local partners to reach those who needed a hot Thanksgiving meal!

2020 Servanthood Stories

Whether you serve on campus, in our city, or around the globe, we believe that small acts done with great love will change the world. We saw lives change because of the generosity of your time shared with these ministries.

See Our Stories


Scarlet Hope

Northeast supported the work of Scarlet Hope by providing much needed items for their new 706 COVID Food Pantry. From March 2020-July 2020, 165 women were served by the 706 Food Pantry with food boxes, toiletry items, and gas cards.

Portland Promise Center

Northeast continued to engage with Portland Promise Center and provided much needed NTI volunteers. We also provided 100 Thanksgiving Food Boxes for the families they served. We were also able to help connect them with organizations in our city like K&I Lumber who provided toys for their Christmas store.

Sweet Peaches Restaurant

Northeast was able to fund and serve 350 hot meals, 200 turkeys, and 200 pork loins to the elderly and food-insecure families in the Russell Neighborhood.

Trikes for Tikes

Trikes for Tikes was able to fix and donate 679 bikes that were donated to kids, people experiencing homeless, and those in recovery.

Dominican Republic Missionaries

Northeast was able to reach 400 prisoners with much needed hygiene items in the Dominican Republic.

Earth Mission Asia

Northeast was able to partner with Earth Mission Asia. They celebrated their first graduating class from the Physician Assistant Training program in Myanmar. Graduates will return to remote villages to provide healthcare to those who have extreme shortages of current access.

Next Gen


The Next Gen team had 60 total volunteers consistently serving our students every week. 22 of which are brand new leaders who started in the middle of a pandemic.

Student Serve Night

100 students and leaders participated in a socially distanced serve night partnering with Portland Promise Center, Love City, and UP for Women and Children. They encouraged essential workers and elderly in nursing homes throughout Jefferson County.


You are surrounded by others for a reason.

Each one of us needs a place to belong. We were created to live our lives and faith together. Relationships are what God uses to grow and mature our faith in Him. That’s why we are so passionate about community. Building community is the best way for you to grow closer to God and to other followers of Jesus. No matter where you are in life, there’s a place in our community for you.

Digital Community


People in our 24/7 prayer movement


People involved in a watch party


Families watching NE Kids content weekly


Students involved in small groups
2020 was the year for all things digital

But that didn’t stop us! We took ministry to the internet.


Facebook followers


Instagram Followers


New Users on the Website


App Downloads


Northeast Anywhere Average Weekend Attendance


Easter Attendance


Christmas Attendance



2020 Community Stories

Meeting people face-to-face wasn’t really an option in 2020. We had to bring our ministry completely digital to continue our mission to love God and love others.

See Our Stories

Next Gen


In 2020, we had 16 student baptisms. The work of God did not stop reaching our students even in the midst of a pandemic.

Virtual Small Groups

256 students signed up and participated in weekly small groups via Zoom.

Virtual Camp

193 students participated in our virtual camps that streamed through YouTube. We were able to still do camp in a different way, and experience it with our students!

Digital Ministry

Even though we couldn’t gather in person for most of 2020, we were still able to produce content for our students through social media. We reached 200+ students a week!


Online Service

In 2020, we had 36 online-only weekends and 121 online services.

There are 462 people connecting during the week with community in the Northeast Anywhere Facebook group.

2 online-only stakeholders got baptized! One woman attended several churches online and finally found 1:1 connection through the chat on Northeast.Live. She said that because of the chat, she was able to talk with a real person and truly connect. The day she was baptized, her entire family joined her at Northeast in-person for the very first time!


We have 95 specific prayer requests on our prayer list. We have seen people pray for each other through miscarriage, loss, COVID-19, relationship struggles, depression, job changes, and more.


There are 193 people following our worship playlist on Spotify. We are able to connect through worship by listening to the same songs we sing on the weekend!

NE Kids

2020 was a year that brought incredible challenges but also incredible opportunities. For NE Kids, it was an exciting time as we continued to learn about God and have fun together.

  • In February we hosted our First NE Kids Dodgeball Tournament with over 350 parents and kids competing for bragging rights and eternal glory.
  • When Covid hit in March, we moved completely online and launched our very own NE Kids Online verified YouTube channel, gathering over 150 subscribing families in just a few short months. This allowed us to produce engaging content for our families every single weekend and we will continue to do this moving forward.
  • On Thursday Nights we launched our NE Kids Thumbs Up Thursdays! This allowed us to connect with our families and provide community and laughter during the darkest and loneliest days of the pandemic.
  • We began writing our own curriculum and watched as hundreds of parents took ownership of the discipleship of their kids at home. This is a HUGE win as it is something we pray for.
  • When we reopened our campus we began with two weeks of NE Kids services in our adult auditorium. These 9AM services were incredible and provided laughter, games, teaching, dancing, worship, and a chance for parents and kids to safely begin coming back to church together.
  • When adult services reopened, we launched our NE Kids moment during service, a 5-7 minute teaching time for kids in the room.
  • Even in the midst of a global pandemic, we were still able to safely baptize 12 kids.
  • We had The Mandalorian teach the Christmas story during our Christmas Eve services. There is no other church in the history of churches who did this.
  • We began providing 3 different learning environments for parents to take advantage of during weekend programming depending on their level of comfort with Covid 19:
    • During adult service
    • Online
    • In the NE Kids building


Groups have been so creative this year while forced psychical distancing has created spiritual deficits for so many. But, so many stories and connections have been made!

  • One group with young children made it a family fun night, where they would watch family movies together and then let the kids hang out after the movie. Several groups have done trivia and game nights via Zoom. One very creative group had Zoom scavenger hunt nights that the entire family could engage with together.
  • Another group met in a park while the weather was good, then in the fall set up heaters in their garage that allowed them to meet safely socially distanced for a safe environment.
  • One group decided to continue meeting on Zoom during their normal community group time. With kids, NTI, and many other difficulties they found that a long Zoom meeting each week was difficult to pull off. So, they instead met more often, leaning into their community and having short zoom meetings to care for, pray for, and support one another.
  • Several of our men’s study groups have had more regular attendance over Zoom during the pandemic than ever before.

We believe God calls us to a life of generosity. That includes your time, your talent, and, yes, your money.

Our mission at Northeast is simple: Love God and love others. All of this is possible because of the generosity shown by the people that call Northeast their home. We always want to be an organization that is transparent and straight-forward with finances and how they are used. Thank you to those that gave. Thank you for putting your faith in Jesus and trusting Northeast to advance the Kingdom of God.

Balance Sheet


Annual Giving


The New Student Center

We are so excited to welcome our students back on campus to a brand new space! As some of you may know, our student center has been undergoing renovations for the last year and a half. Because of your generosity, we were able to complete this project to welcome our students to a new and improved environment!

Love the ‘Ville Christmas Eve Offering


Big Giving


COVID-19 Relief Giving


Christmas Giving

2020 Giving Stories

Through your generous giving, Northeast has been able to impact the lives of so many around our community. Here are just a few stories of some of the amazing people and businesses we could love this year.

See Our Stories

UP For Women and Children

Northeast provided money to help UP for Women and Children host their annual fundraiser online due to COVID.

  • UP ended homelessness for 62 women and their children
  • UP served 510 women and children
  • UP provided 684 loads of laundry for women and children
  • UP provided 549 showers for women and children

Sparc Hope

Northeast provided money to help Sparc Hope host their annual fundraiser online due to COVID.

Scarlet Hope

Northeast helped provide financial support for Scarlet Hope’s career development program. All 6 graduates of their Career Development Program in 2020 are working full time jobs, furthering their educations, and focusing on their families.

Hand in Hand Ministry

Northeast was able to provide financial resources to continue to help women in Louisville repair their homes.

Big Momma's Soul Food Kitchen

Northeast helped fund their Thanksgiving and Christmas outreach which provided 2,000 hot meals. We also were able to buy a new stove for their main kitchen so they can continue to serve the community. Northeast provided rent money to Big Momma’s for financial loss during the initial shut down of the pandemic.

Sweet Peaches Restaurant

Northeast was able to fund and serve 350 hot meals, 200 turkeys, and 200 pork loins to the elderly and food-insecure families in the Russell Neighborhood.

Kentucky Refugee Ministries

Northeast provided gifts to over 100 people in our refugee community that blessed their Christmas season.

El Oasis

Northeast was able to provide finances for mental health counseling for El Oasis.