Earth Mission Asia

    11.29.18 | Global Outreach by Josh Rouse

    servanthood level 2

    The Karen are a minority people group concentrated along the Thai-Myanmar border. As a whole, they are well acquainted with the hard side of life. Although deeply community oriented, one of the world’s longest civil wars has forced many to flee their homes to distant countries. Even as peace in Myanmar struggles forward, many of those Karen who stayed still struggle to scratch out a living as farmers. In mountain and jungle areas, little is left over for education or healthcare. Earth Mission Asia’s programs are focused on developing a sustainable training program for indigenous healthcare teams to serve these marginalized areas. EMA works at several levels to ensure solutions are efficient, culturally sensitive, practical and permanent. They’ve developed a clinical training curriculum that aims to empower students, whose educational backgrounds are incomplete, to reach the functional equivalent of a Nurse Practitioner/ Physician Assistant, over the course of five years. Other educational programs, needed for healthcare support, are in development (i.e. engineering technology, etc.).

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