Kentucky Refugee Ministries

    12.06.17 | Global Outreach

    Servanthood levels 2 & 3

    Every day, people around the world are forced to flee their homes to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster – becoming refugees. There are more than 65 million refugees in the world today, and each year a small number of them are resettled in Louisville. Here at Northeast, we see this as a unique opportunity to make a global impact right here in our own city.

     So, to aid with the resettlement process, Northeast partners with Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM) to provide housing, counseling, ESL classes and job training to newly resettled refugee families. Volunteers who serve with KRM are assigned to a refugee family for 3 months, building a relationship with them and helping to provide some of their basic needs during that time.

     For each refugee family Northeast sponsors, we need a dedicated team of approximately 10 volunteers to commit 3 months of their time to do the following:

    1. Set up an apartment with all necessary furniture, toiletries, bedding, groceries, etc.
    2. Pick up the family at the airport and provide 1 culturally appropriate welcome meal for them.
    3. Drive refugees to/from doctor’s appointments, ESL classes, school registration, etc.
    4. Help teach life skills that support self-sufficiency (public transportation, etc.).
    5. Guide the family around their new city, teaching them about the things that make Louisville special (parks, zoo, food, etc.).

    This is a great opportunity to impact the world from right here in Louisville!

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