Supplies Over Seas

    12.07.17 | Global Outreach by Josh Rouse

    Servanthood Level 1 & 2

    Hospitals in the United States generate nearly 6 million tons in medical surplus each year. A large portion of this consists of unused and/or fully functional medical supplies and equipment. Northeast partners with Supplies Over Seas (SOS) to collect and distribute these surplus medical supplies and equipment to meet critical healthcare needs in developing countries around the world.

     SOS has an ongoing need for volunteers to sort through supplies at their local warehouse. Sorting generally takes places every Monday-Thursday in the morning and every other Saturday of the month in the morning; however, special times can be arranged for groups of volunteers. Once donated materials have been thoroughly sorted, SOS loads those materials into containers and ships them out to medically impoverished communities to treat under-served patients around the world.

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