Racial injustice has created civil unrest unlike anything we’ve seen for decades. And it’s happening here in our city. These are trying times, and the church must rise to the occasion.


Northeast Christian Stakeholders discussed via Facebook Live how – How can we help? How can we pray? What exactly does scripture say about social justice? And how do we talk to our kids about this?

How can YOU help others?

Join with us in our Compassion Plan.

Kingdom Justice Response Plan

Kingdom Justice Response Plan
When it comes to the racial injustice and civil unrest in our city, many of you have asked, “How can we help?”
We’ve been in contact the last two weeks with local leaders asking just that. Here’s what we’re doing to better love our city:

  1. Meeting food insecurity needs – visit the Serve Our Partners tab below for the list of food items and please donate
  2. Black male achievement – advancing our partnership with Elevate Recreation
  3. Education – we’re adding Portland Elementary as new partner school effective immediately
  4. Black-owned business – partnering with local black-owned businesses to feed their communities and empower their businesses
  5. Local black churches – working with a diverse group of pastors across denominational lines to create a more united Christian community in Louisville
  6. LMPD – personally reaching out to the officers in our church and creating initiatives to mend community relations (e-mail us if you know any officers from our church we can call – contact.us@necchurch.org)

Serve Our Partners

The Challenge

Due to the pandemic and the result of racial injustice and civil unrest, there are various food insecurity needs in our city. Our church and our partners are prepared to serve our community If you want to help, we’re asking that you deliver food items to the locations listed below. These locations will distribute to those in need.

Check List for the Food Pantry

Any of these items will be accepted. You don’t need all six together. Bring what you can find and afford.

  • Water
  • Fruits (canned)
  • Vegetables (canned)
  • Proteins (canned)
  • Noodles
  • Granola bars/snack item

Where do I take it?

These locations are collecting and distributing food items:

Highpoint Charitable Services
424 E Main St #7
LaGrange, KY 40031
Delivery Times: Monday 9-11am; Wednesday 12-2pm; Saturday 9-11:30am

Calvary Episcopal Church
821 S 4th Street
Louisville, KY 40203
Delivery Times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9:30-11:30am

Eastern Area Communities
9104 Westport Road
Westport, KY 40242
Delivery Times: Monday-Thursday 10am–2pm

Change Today, Change Tomorrow
Instagram – changetodaychangetomorrow
Donation times and locations on Instagram.

Who can participate?

We need everyone! Anyone in our city who wants to love the ‘Ville during these trying times should participate.

What’s next?

We will continue to assess the needs of our neighbors and partners real-time.

Out of town or want to give finacially?

As always, you can make a generous donation to the Love the ‘Ville Church and our work in the community online – https://www.necchurch.org/give. Designate your gift to “COVID-19”. Money designated here will go to helping those in need as a result of this pandemic and racial injustice.

24/7 Prayer Movement

  • Click a date in the calendar and claim as many days/times as you are able.
  • It’s the night hours we need most. Will you consider waking up to pray?
  • If you need guidance on what to pray, see below for specific prayer prompts.
  • Share this with any friends from any church who believe in the power of prayer.

A Pandemic Prayer Guide

A Prayer for the Sick & Vulnerable

God, give those who are sick and vulnerable:

  • a fast recovery and full healing.
  • a community of friends & family who provide laughter, care, and love.
  • the peace that only You can give during trying times.
  • an ability to trust in your will, no matter what that looks like.
  • a hope in Jesus that no pain, sickness, or suffering in this life can ever take away.

Do you need help? Contact us through our Love the ‘Ville Resource-Line. We are committed to continuing to support and love our city through this crisis.


A Prayer for Government Officials:

God, give our government leaders:

  • the heart of Jesus to lead like a servant.
  • wisdom to discern what is right, just, and best.
  • the power to bring healing
  • words that bring clarity and confidence rather than confusion and fear
  • the peace that only You can give during trying times.
  • safety as they run toward the problems rather than away.
  • a sense of purpose and joy in their public service.
  • a swift end to this pandemic.
  • a supportive Commonwealth.


Here is a list of some of our local leaders you can pray for by name.

Statewide Louisville
– Governor Andy Beshear

– Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman

– Acting Secretary of Cabinet for Health & Family Services Eric Friedlander

– Commissioner of Public Health Dr. Steven Stack

– Mayor Greg Fischer

– Louisville Forward Chief Mary Ellen Wiederwohl

– Chief of Community Building Vincent James

– Director of Louisville Metro Department of Public Health Dr. Sarah Moyer


A Prayer for Healthcare Professionals:

God, give our healthcare workers:

  • Wisdom and strength as their endurance is tested
  • Faith that will triumph over fears of the unknown
  • Clear, sound minds to focus on protocols and prevent spreading
  • Peace that only comes from God in the midst of chaos
  • Protection from the virus for themselves so they can treat and care for those inflicted
  • Words of comfort and compassion to offer every patient they see
  • Grace for their coworkers who are also feeling overwhelmed
  • The love of Jesus unleashed in every hospital and doctor’s office
  • Protection for their families as they take the stress home and try to remain present

A Prayer for Our Church

  • Pray God would lead those in need to us through our efforts to love our neighbors and launch the Love the ‘Ville Resource-Line.
  • Pray God would empower us with cross-shaped love, and we would unleash it everyday, everybody, everywhere.
  • Pray for healing, that God might use our love to bring healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Pray for peace over uncertainty, trust over worry, faith over fear.
  • Pray for witness, that people would see Jesus through our love.
  • Pray for conversations, that we would be attune to opportunities to explain our hope during these trying times.
  • Pray for an end to this, that health would be restored to our world and to our city soon.

Love Your Neighbors

Northeast Family, time to be the church! We need you to take Love the ‘Ville into your own hands and unleash the love! We are asking you to take the Love ‘Ville Resource-Line to your neighbors, friends, and loved ones. Watch the video above if you want the full explanation from Tyler or skip the chit-chat and read the instructions below.

Download the social media graphics or flyer for whatever you may need.

  • When you share on social , offer a brief explanation of what this is all about. You could post something like:
    • “Hey everyone! Stuck inside? Need someone to run errands for you? Can’t find childcare? Low on food? Unemployed? I want to make sure all my Louisville friends are okay during these hard times. If I can personally help you, please message me! Or reach out to the Love the ‘Ville Resource Line. My friends there will be able to help.”
  • If you distribute the flyer around your neighborhood. We suggest maintaining social distance by sticking the flyer to their front door, knocking, and if you’re comfortable, stepping off the front porch and explaining from a safe distance.
  • Here’s what you say:
    • “Hi! My name is ______. I’m your neighbor. My family and friends want to make sure everyone is okay during these hard times. Read the flyer. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out.”
  • Then be ready to take initiative and help! Unleash the love! If there are any needs you cannot meet, send them to our webpage – COVID19
Download FlyerDownload Images

How can WE help you?

Helping each other get through COVID-19.

Connection Care Groups

We’re in a time where social distancing is mandatory. But, that doesn’t mean social isolation. There are ways to get connected to others no matter where you are, and we want to take advantage of that during this time. You can still find comfort, care, connection and support. We’ve created several groups to help you through this, so if you find yourself wanting to talk/vent/listen/get support, check out these groups. If you can’t find what you need, please email our Care Pastor.
  • Peer Support for Healthcare Professionals
    • Sundays at 8pm OR Wednesdays at 2:30
  • Self-Care during a Pandemic
    • Tuesdays at 8:30
  • Grief Support
    • Tuesdays at 7:30pm
  • Peer Support for Educators
    • Wednesdays at 7pm
  • Overcoming fear and fighting anxiety
    • Thursdays at 2:30 OR 8pm
Register Here

Care & Support

We don’t have all the answers but we will walk together through this.

No strings attached, even if you don’t come to church on Sundays or ever become a Stakeholder, we want you to know we are here for you.

We offer several ways for you to receive care and support.

Care & Support

Love The 'Ville Food Resources

Are you struggling right now with food-related needs? Contact these locations and they will help:

Highpoint Charitable Services
424 E Main St #7
LaGrange, KY 40031
Delivery Times: Monday 11am-1pm; Thursday 6pm-8pm

Calvary Episcopal Church
821 S 4th Street
Louisville, KY 40203
Available Times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9:30-11:30am

Eastern Area Communities
9104 Westport Road
Westport, KY 40242
Available: Monday-Thursday 10am–2pm


For more information regarding COVID-19 and how the state of Kentucky is handling it, please visit kycovid19.ky.gov.

Resource Form

Employment Resources

Due to COVID-19 the government is:

  • waiving the waiting period to obtain unemployment
  • work search requirements also are waived while state of emergency
You need handy:
  • Social Security number
  • Your contact information, address, phone number
  • Contact information for all recent employers
  • Dates worked for all recent employers
  • Wages earned from all recent employers

To apply online – www.kcc.ky.gov

To apply by phone – 502-875-0442 (Please be patient, they are receiving a lot of phone calls)

Please fill out the form if you know of businesses for immediate hire:

Employment Form

Small Business Owner Resources

We know COVID-19 is hitting businesses hard, so we want to help point you in the right direction and provide you with resources.
Check out these websites for information and help:
These sites can help you with questions and solutions during this time.
Small Business Mentor Match
If you are someone that can help provide advice and resources to small businesses during this time, or any small business owner who would like to be matched up with a mentor, email us at contact.us@necchurch.org

Service & Mid-Week Opportunities

Northeast has made the decision to be online only this weekend. Church online only! And we have other opportunities for you to be with us!

* If you find yourself with either physical needs as a result of the virus or economic needs as a result of this pandemic, please contact us so we can assess and guide you to the right resources.