Hurricane Relief

Northeast is partnering with the following organizations to help with the Hurricane Dorian relief:


Supplies Overseas: 

SOS has already sent their first shipment to the Bahamas on September 6.  The supplies sent arrived in Nassau but the hospital in greatest need is located in Freeport.  Your gift will enable these much needed supplies and future shipments to get from Nassau to Freeport. 

You can donate here and designate your funds to Dorian Relief:


Agape Flights: 

Wow…as we look around the Agape hangar we can’t help but be blown away by God’s goodness and your generosity in response to Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief…THANK YOU!  After assessing what supplies we have, those that we know are on their way, and in talking to mission partners on the ground in the Bahamas, the decision has been made to update the accepted donations list to include chainsaws, pickaxes and sledgehammers.  In addition to these items, monetary donations for fuel are extremely helpful in getting the supplies to where they need to go, delivering HOPE to the Bahamas.

You can donate to Agape Flights here: 



Devastating news coming out of The Bahamas! "The United Nations estimates that some 76,000 people have been left homeless and in need of assistance." Please help us get the survivors safe water and disinfectant before this gets worse. Clean water SAVES LIVES!

You can donate directly here: (Please put Dorian Relief in Comments Section)