At Northeast, we are a group of 3500 with a mission to impact our community by meeting our neighbors where they are and showing them Jesus’ love though unremunerated service and support. Our vision at Northeast Christian Church is to Boldly Change Lives Now, a mission we are accomplishing through Love The ‘Ville. Love The ‘Ville began three years ago when 1800 people spent a Sunday morning ‘blitzing’ the Clifton area with cleanup, beautification projects, free bikes for kids and handy work. The movement has exploded since that time into many different projects, partnerships, and community support. We want to show our neighbors that they are loved, and we need YOU to accomplish that.

Love The ’Ville got off the ground through partnerships with local partnerships to engage at the community level. Projects include beautification around Frankfort Avenue, sponsoring the FAT Friday Trolley Hop, and adopting Breslin Park. Soon after our initial event, Friends of Eastern Cemetery (FOEC) contacted us about helping their small group of volunteers maintain the cemetery. Annually, over 300 people from Northeast clean up the cemetery, and several smaller groups do weekly maintenance with FOEC.

A main facet of our vision is to invest in the next generation. We currently work with seven schools in Jefferson and Oldham Counties to support students, teachers and staff. Teams work to prepare school grounds each school year, mentor students, and plan and host special events ranging from welcome activities to meals for teachers to graduation ceremonies. We simply ask the schools for their ‘to do lists and pool our congregation’s talents to complete them.

We believe the best way to impact our city is through proactive, service-driven activities that build community and create a better, safer, friendlier environment in which to live. Will you join us as we Love The ‘Ville?

Sharing your story
The idea of sharing comes into play when you’ve fully connected with someone. It typically happens when you’ve built a relationship with them and earned their trust. Sharing does not involve a theology degree, being a pastor, or having all the answers to any of the questions. It’s your story, and no one can argue your story. Click here to get some tips on to your share your story.


Volunteer opportunities at upcoming partner school events - click on the school logo below for more information and to sign up.