The Nursery is where our babies and toddlers begin to learn about God and His wonderful love! We offer a play-based, teacher-directed, Bible story program for every age. Depending upon their ability and comprehension level, we offer a Bible story, coloring pages and crafts that relate back to our lesson. Check out the Parent section below for additional ideas on things you can do at home with your child to help reinforce what they learn each weekend.  

Nursery programs are available during all regular serves for children from birth until they graduate to Preschool. If you're new to Northeast, you will fill out a visitor card at the Nursery check-in counter for your child, which you will also use to pick your child up after service. You may also submit an Enrollment Form at any time, which will enable your child to check-in using our computerized system. Download Children's Enrollment Form HERE

At our Brownsboro Campus, the nursery is located in the Adult Worship Center.

  • Our Infant room is for newborns through 12-18 months

  • Our Ones Room is for children who turn 1 by August of the current school year

  • Our Twos Room is for children who turn 2 by August of the current school year

At our Clifton Campus, the Nursery is located on the second floor.

Promotion from Nursery to Preschool for our 3-year-olds happens each year in August. Our 2s class children who have turned 3 since August of the current school year will move over to Kidville Park for their new class in Preschool on Promotion Weekend. (Please note -- children must be FULLY potty trained to move to Preschool. If your child is not fully potty trained by Promotion Weekend, they will remain in the 2s room and may move up once they've reached that milestone.)


What We're Learning...

Basic Truths God made me! God loves me! Jesus wants to be my friend forever!
January Bottom Line:  Jesus can do anything.
Memory Verse:  "With God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26)

This Month In the Nursery:  This month, we are learning that when you have Jesus in your life anything is possible!

Check out this month's lessons and ideas for more fun ways that you and your child can explore God's truths together on the Parent Cue App:





Interested in Volunteering?

Have you ever had the feeling that you were meant for something more? Want to get involved? Then consider volunteering with the Nursery. Whether you love teaching, playing with little ones, or simply rocking babies, we have a place for you! Just contact our Volunteer Coordinator at for more information on how you can get involved. Help us make this the best hour of a child's week.