Nursery Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome Parents!  We know you have questions about what to expect when bringing your children to the Nursery.  Below, we've compiled some of the frequently asked questions about our Nursery. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact a member of our dedicated teams, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Brownsboro Nursery Director - Julie Pate

When does the Nursery open?

The Nursery opens 20 minutes before each worship service and closes immediately after the last service. If our volunteers have not arrived yet, there may be a slight delay in which we ask that you wait with your children.

How are room assignments decided?

Room assignments are based upon your child’s age, there are three rooms in our Nursery; Infants, Ones and Twos.

Children less than two years of age will be promoted in August on a yearly basis. Children three years of age and older and potty trained will be promoted in August on a yearly basis. Please contact the Nursery Director if you have any questions.

How does Check-In Work?

The safety and security of your child is a top priority for us in the Nursery. For that reason, in order for your child to attend any of our weekend services you will need to first "check-in" to receive a nametag and security pick up tag. There are 2 ways to check-in.

Regular attendees who have filled out a Child Enrollment Form:
Please visit one of our Kiosk to check in electronically. If you have more than one Birth-5th Grade child, don't worry! You will be able to check-in all of your children at one time. You will receive a name-tag for your child and a pick up tag that you will need when returning after the service.

Visiting the Nursery:
Each weekend your child visits the Nursery, you will need to check-in at the Nursery counter where a trained volunteer will assist you in the process. There, your child will be given an assigned location and a set of security/check-in tags. You will need to be familiar with the security code on your child's check-in tag. Place the tag on your child’s back. Please bring your copy of the visitor form as your pick up verification.

This is our first time attending Northeast. What do I need to do to check in my child? 

Please visit the Nursery counter. A trained volunteer will assist you. You will be asked to complete a brief form with some basic information. If you've been visiting for a while and ready to move beyond visitor check-in, please print and fill out our Child Enrollment Form. After completing this form, you will be able to check-in your child electronically.

What if I lose my security tag?

Everyone picking up a child must have a security tag. If you have lost your security tag, you will need to speak with a staff member or coach.  They will need to see your driver’s license to verify that you are who should be picking up the child. 

What if my child’s security code appears on the screen in the Worship Center or my classroom?

That means we need you to come and care for your child. Please go directly to the Nursery and a volunteer leader or staff member will meet you and let you know what your child needs.

What should my child have in their diaper bag?

Please be sure your diaper bag is labeled with your child’s name and contains the following (labeled) items:


  • One or two bottles (enough to cover the time period your child will be in Nursery care)


  • Extra disposable diapers. Please note cloth diapers are not allowed in the Nursery.


  • Pacifier - clip on type or labeled (if your child uses one)


  • Extra change of clothes


What happens if my child needs a diaper changed?

We make every effort to change each child’s diaper every hour. Please bring extra disposable diapers each time you come.


What if my child is potty training?

We make every effort to support the potty training process for your child. We do ask, however, that your child continue to wear a ‘pull-up’ until they are completely potty trained. It is very helpful for you to take your child to the bathroom when you arrive to drop them off.


What about snacks?

We do not allow any outside food in our Nursery with the exception of formula and milk in the infant room. We will do our best to feed your child his/her bottle at the time you indicate. Please write specific instructions on your check-in sheet. All bottles should be mixed up and ready for feeding at the time you leave your child in the nursery. We will not feed your child any solid/jar food. Please feed them before you come. If your child must be fed solid food during the service, it may be necessary to page you. Due to allergy risks, we do not provide any snacks during service.


What if my child is sick?

For the protection of your child and other children, please do not bring your child to the Nursery when they are showing an signs of illness within the last 24 hours. Illness symptoms include: fever, pinkeye, vomiting, diarrhea, croup, colds, unidentified or contagious rashes, cloudy or green runny noses, persistent cough, and childhood diseases (scarlet fever, German measles, mumps, chicken pox, strep throat, flu).

If your child becomes ill or injured during the service we will determine whether it is necessary to contact you immediately or wait until you arrive.  For minor accidents a Parent Notification Info Sheet will be given to you when you pick up your child.  For all other accidents, you will receive an incident report informing you of what happened to your child. You will be asked to sign it and it will be kept on file in the Nursery Director’s office.