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Northeast would not be the awesome place it is without our dedicated team of volunteers. There is a wide range of ministries where you can plug in, get connected, and use your gifts for His glory.  We don’t want you to just fill a slot, but rather we want to be sure the right people are serving in the right place for the right reasons! Below are many of our On Campus and Outreach opportunities. Use the category filter to help you find a place to serve. 

Not sure where to start? Join us at a B.E. Conversation to help you get started.


Zachary Taylor Elementary

This is the school where Northeast originally held services! We love partnering with them and providing tutoring, mentoring, and assistance with events.

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Kitchen Angels

Kitchen Angels is a team of volunteers who love to prepare and share food for those dealing with sickness, grief, or other struggles.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Do you have a unique skill or experience that might be useful, but aren't sure where to begin?

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Visitation Team

This group of trained volunteers visits people in hospitals, nursing homes and at homes

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God's Girls

God’s Girls exists to restore hope while providing nourishing meals to our homeless and hurting neighbors. 

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Scarlet Hope

Scarlet Hope Scarlet Hope exists to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with women in the adult entertainment industry.

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Prisoners Hope

The Prisoner’s Hope serves the needs of those incarcerated before, during and after incarceration.

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Led By His Love

Provide basic needs such as pantry food items, hygiene kits, clothing to the Homeless Tuesday nights at their campsites.

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