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New Series, Groups, and Northeast Anywhere

The world doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of joy and peace right now. Let’s set our hearts and minds on the Good News that Christmas is coming and Jesus has come. We have Joy, Peace, Light, Family, Immanuel, and Hope to celebrate. Join us for the Good News!


Groups help make a big church feel small. Check out what our online and in-person groups have to offer.

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Northeast Anywhere

Hey Church! Here is your resource page while we do church online. We will keep you updated on this page and have plenty of resources for you to stay connected with Northeast and Jesus through this time.

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Good News


We could all use "peace" this year, but you may be looking for peace in the wrong places. Jon Lee shares what it means to…
Good News


Join us for the first week in our new series, Good News. Can we still have Joy even amidst a year when everything seems so…
King & Kingdom

Culture-War Christianity

Culture-War Christianity vs. Cross-Shaped Christianity. Why one is a perversion of our faith, and one is a pattern for our faith.