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First Impressions Director

First Impressions Director

Ministry Purpose: This position will lead the volunteer teams that provide an atmosphere of warmth and welcome to all of Northeast stakeholders and visitors.  Must model and train volunteer teams for weekend services and special events.  Will follow up with guests and help them to engage in the life of the church.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • To lead, organize and cast vision for our weekend volunteer teams.
  • Develop an infrastructure to support the First Impressions Ministry.  A system that will allow you to shepherd and lead coaches and empower them to lead.
  • Recruit, train and develop teams for these different areas of ministry:
    • Traffic Teams
    • Greeters/Ushers
    • Servers
    • Coffee
    • Hospitality
    • Special Event weekends
  • Oversee the training, development, and care of volunteers on your team
  • Model behavior that exhibits the techniques and inviting presence the volunteers should be exuding
  • Implement a Guest Assimilation strategy that facilitates follow-up with guests and assisting them in getting connected into the life of the church.
  • Responsible for “big” weekends as it relates to recruiting, themes (i.e. Easter & Christmas), parking, etc.
  • Help plan and execute moments beyond the service that invite our people to stay and develop community.
  • Coordinating purchasing, stock & setup of weekend needs, communion, coffee, supplies, etc.
  • Utilize current database software for scheduling and coordinating volunteer serve schedules
  • Work closely with Communications and Worship Arts to ensure consistency and collaboration.

This is a Part-Time (20 hours week) position with regular Weekend responsibilities.

If interested or have inquiries, please send resume or contact us here.

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Elementary Ministry Leader

Ministry Area: Family Ministries

Time Commitment:  Full-time with weekend responsibilities

Ministry Purpose: This role will provide vision and overall leadership to our 4th-5th Grade Ministry.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Large Group Environments
    • Edit large group curriculum & serve as programming director in Elementary area (Kidville) for weekend services, including Bible stories, song selection, & videos.
    • Recruit, train, and team build for tech (audio & video), lesson teachers, & volunteer worship leaders.

Adopts a “replication of self” model into large group environments.

    • Collaborates with the children’s ministry team (NE Kids team) for big idea themes & Sunday programming.
    • Create engaging environments utilizing: preservice time, stage look, props, & teaching visuals.
  1. Small Group Environments
    1. Edit small group curriculum to compliment large group experience and reinforce weekend themes.
    2. Recruit, train, and team build for small group leaders & coaches to make sure every 4th-5th grade kid has a consistent small group leader & experience.

Adopts a “replication of self” model into small group environments.

    • Collaborates with the children’s ministry team (NE Kids team) for big idea themes & flow.
    • Create contagious small group environments that maximize getting kids into circles to learn.
    • Responsible for all small group leader supplies.
    • Oversees small group environments & assimilating kids who are not regular attendees into a small group. 
  1. Beyond Belief (Baptism Class)
    • Oversees the development, organization, & direction of Beyond Belief.
    • Leads the class as needed.
    • Develops a system to replicate leaders and supports the current volunteers directly related to our Beyond Belief class.
    • Assists families with information about Beyond Belief and our baptism policies.
  1. Calendar Events
    • Collaborates with the NE Kids team in leading and co-leading calendared events throughout the year.
    • Collaborate with the NE Kids team to ensure that Northeast Christian Churches aspirational vision targets are consistently implemented into elementary ministries.
    • Collaborates with Northeast Staff on outreach opportunities and partners with church wide events.
  1. Volunteer Care
    • Collaborates with Northeast’s Director of Volunteer Development to create and sustain ministry care needs.
    • Creates and maintains intentional rhythms and systems to care, support and develop volunteer leaders.

Talents or Abilities Desired:  Experienced in recruiting and training leaders, good organizational skills, passion for 4th-5th grade kids and their spiritual development.

Best Personality Traits:  Highly organized, team builder, energetic, cheerful, outgoing

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree preferred, with 2-3 years of full-time ministry experience.

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Graphic and Web Designer

Ministry Area: Communications                                                 

Time Commitment: Full-Time (40 hours)

Ministry Purpose: This ministry is responsible for the visual conceptualization, production, and execution of marketing and communication plans and special events at Northeast Christian Church


  1. Assist in weekly creative process
  2. Graphic design and branding for sermon series, big initiatives, and multiple ministry departments
  3. Develop and execute branding, promotions, and graphic support from concept through production
  4. Collaborate with copywriters, videographers, motion artists, and other graphic designers
  5. Understand vision that is cast from ministry leaders and articulate that through design
  6. Manage multiple projects from concept through completion, meeting weekly deadlines
  7. Work well with internal staff team
  8. Ability to create within established Northeast brand and visual guidelines
  9. Manage website updates when needed
  10. Manage design and web aesthetic and keep web properly updated
  11. Know vision and direction of website from the insider and first time guest


REQUIRED SKILLS (1-3 years’ experience)

  1. Bachelor’s degree in marketing/graphic design or comparable work experience
  2. Proficient artistic/graphic design skillset
  3. Strong understanding of typography, color, type hierarchy, and layout
  4. Advanced experience with Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator
  5. Print and web design expertise, must know how to work in both media for integration
  6. Ability to communicate effectively
  7. Ability to organize, prioritize and schedule necessary projects


  1. Maintain a wholesome and healthy family life, while actively engaged as a family in Northeast ministries
  2. Commit to the vision of Northeast Christian Church
  3. Demonstrate a genuine love for people as the highest priority of ministry through communication, cooperation, and personal relationships
  4. Exhibit a work ethic of initiative, follow-through, organization, and positive attitude


  1. Experience with photography
  2. Creative Copywriting, ProPresenter, HTML and CSS

KEY QUALITIES: Discerning, Creative, Designer, Storyteller, Team Player

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Social Media Coordinator

Ministry Area: Communications                                               

Time Commitment: Full-Time (40 hours)

Ministry Purpose: This ministry is responsible for the visual conceptualization, production, and execution of marketing and communication plans and special events at Northeast ChristianChurch.

Role Responsibilities: The Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for supporting the overall strategies of Northeast Christian Church (and its affiliated campuses and ministries) using current and emerging social media platforms. This person will also assist the Communications Team with theexecution of projects.


Specific Responsibilities:

Social Media Management/Content Creation

  • Capture the life of Northeast by documenting and promoting events and weekend services using photography, video, and social media.
  • Create, direct, and manage a social media vision and content schedule for Northeast’s social accounts(Facebook & Instagram). Regular social “audits” to evaluate the purpose and performance of all accounts.Organize and maintain an editorial calendar with posts drafted and scheduled for future publication.
  • Manage Privacy and Security of all Northeast social platforms and accounts.
  • Create all content for social media including captions, design, and some motion graphics.
  • Create supplemental social media content for all sermon series.
  • Work closely with other ministries and their social accounts to ensure their accounts are up to date with high quality content. Regularly meet with ministry leaders to schedule content and evaluate social media health and adherence to vision.
  • Work closely with other ministries and their social accounts to plan promotion for events.
  • Train ministry leaders to utilize graphic creation tools like Canva pro.
  • Post weekly sermon on Youtube, Website, & Podbean.
  • Enforce organization’s branding and communication guidelines to enhance brand identity across ministries and church campuses.
  • Stay up to date on best practices and management for all social platforms.

Photography/Event Coverage

  • Capture stories from events for promotional and celebratory purposes. Tell stories in creative, meaningful, and engaging ways. Oversee the planning and archiving of stories within the life of our church.
  • Attend weekend services (Minimum of 2 Sundays per month) to capture photo/video & post to Instagram stories “in the moment”. Keep Instagram stories active on all Sundays.
  • Attend select events for social media & photo coverage.
  • Edit all photos in Adobe Lightroom for consistency.
  • Create and manage archive of all photos with tags.
  • Recruit, train, and manage a team of photography volunteers.

Skills Required:

  • Ability to create, edit, and manage multiple types of content (text, design, images, and video).
  • Strong communication and grammatical skills, including the ability to be creative and engaging in written communication, especially within the restrictions of social media platforms.
  • Experience with current social media platforms and ways to advertise/communicate through them.
  • Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop andIllustrator.
  • Advanced photography and photo editing in Adobe Lightroom.
  • Journalism/Storytelling experience.
  • Understanding of branding and ability to create graphics within the boundaries of a brand.
  • Basic videography skills (shooting and editing) for capturing stories and b-roll and sermon content.
  • Comfortable talking with people and asking interview questions.
  • Independent worker who can collaborate with teams.
  • Great attention to detail and the ability to solve problems quickly.


  • Office Hours of Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm. Flexible Schedule
  • Minimum of 2 Sundays per month plus Events (Office hours will be adjusted to compensate for hours worked outside of this window).

Northeast General Requirements:

  • Maintain a wholesome and healthy family life, while actively engaged as a family in Northeast ministries
  • Commit to the vision of Northeast Christian Church.
  • Demonstrate a genuine love for people as the highest priority of ministry through communication, cooperation, and personal relationships.
  • Exhibit a work ethic of initiative, follow-through, organization and positive attitude.


  • Degree in Marketing, Fine Arts, Communications, PR, or Graphic Design.
  • 1-3 years’ experience managing multiple social media accounts across the Facebook Business Suite.
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KidZone Team Member

Ministry Area: Kids Ministry                                              

Time Commitment: Seasonal Position; Mon. & Wed. 8:30am – 1:30pm during the school year, team member trainings & meetings

Ministry Purpose: This position will serve as an instructor in the assigned room. They will work alongside the Team Leader to ensure all children feel welcome. This person will support and strengthen our mission to provide a loving, nurturing environment in which children are loved and valued while growing spiritually, socially, and cognitively; and where parents feel completely comfortable leaving their children. You must be a stakeholder at Northeast Christian Church.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Observe and monitor all children’s activities.
  • Instruct children in health and personal habits such as eating, resting, and bathroom habits.
  • Read to children, sing with children, and teach simple tasks – painting, drawing, crafts.
  • Organize and participate in recreational activities.
  • Warm bottles and change diapers, as needed, per protocol.
  • Perform housekeeping duties: maintaining room cleanliness, organize, sanitize toys, etc. to ensure safety.
  • Support each child’s emotional and social development and encourage understanding of others.
  • Assist in planning of weekly themes, crafts, and curriculum.
  • Communicate via written document with parents weekly about classroom productivity.
  • Positively encourage peers and assist in various capacities, as needed, and serve as a substitute in an emergency.
  • Learn and be confident of all emergency and evacuation procedures.
  • Lead and instruct children in a positive Christ centered environment.
  • Participate in staff meeting, quarterly meetings, and any other trainings (i.e. Orientation & CPR).
  • Follow all policies and procedures required, including but not limited to proper documentation.
  • Meet with the Team Lead with any concerns or questions for the room you are assigned.
  • Perform any additional tasks the Director assigns.

Talents/Abilities Desired:

  • Active listener & effective communicator
  • Ability to effectively instruct children and help assist in them negotiating through differences with peers.
  • Critical Thinker & Discerning when problems arise
  • Able to multi-task and effectively time manage
  • Desire to serve others

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to lift 50 lbs., as needed.
  • Ability to perform general physical activities that require considerable use of arms, legs, & hands.
  • Ability to climb, lift, walk, balance, stoop, bend.

Education and Qualifications:

  • High School diploma is required.
  • Preferably 1 or more years of experience in a previous Parents Day Out Program, Childcare Program, or Preschool setting.
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