We have an awesome group of staff members at Northeast. Not sure who you need? Shoot us an email:  or give us a call: 502-426-6668.


Darlene Close

Human Recources Assistant

Shawna Donahue


Beverly Gillespie


Evan Gunter

IT Programmer/Developer

Steve McCormick

Financial Administrator

Lisa Middleton

Data Administrator

Dave Rupp

IT Director

Bethanie Talbot

Executive Administrative Assistant


Melinda Gividen

Discipleship Pastor

Wes Sebree

Lead Discipleship Pastor


Aaron Crane

Clifton Worship Pastor

Joey Keck

Clifton Campus Pastor

Reda Logsdon

Clifton Administrative Assistant


Geoff Gittli

Audio Ministries Director

Josh Hendrix

Media & Graphics Associate

Corbin Marshall

Adult Worship Pastor

Jason Shreve

Creative Arts Team Leader

Jonathan Thomas

Video Associate


Rodney Burris

Campus Operations Director

Denny Chamberlain

Campus Operations Staff

Donna Guanella

Campus Operations Staff

Ana Maldonado

Campus Operations Staff

David Ricci

Campus Operations Staff


Mary Clift

Preschool Director

Lindsay Keck

Kid Zone Director

Michael Mihalyov

Lead Elementary Pastor

Julie Pate

Nursery Director

Abby Wilder

Elementary First Impressions and Tech Coordinator

Colin Lyman

Elementary Volunteers Leader

Cassie Allchorne

Elementary Programming Leader


Bob Cherry

Founding Pastor

Rhonda Lamb-Laguna

Lead Pastor - Executive Leadership

Tyler McKenzie

Lead Pastor


Rosemarie Arsenault

Outreach Administrative Assistant

Leslie Bowman

Outreach Associate

Tomara Brown

Local Outreach Pastor

Randy Gordon

Schools Outreach Pastor

Steve Gibson

Outreach Team Leader


David McKinley

Communications Team Leader

Sydney Powell

Graphics and Web Designer

Jilian Higgins

Social Media and Digital Associate

Next Gen

Jon Lee

Middle School Minister

Trevor Marshall

Student Ministries Worship Leader

Daniel Rankin

High School Minister

Becky Schroeder

Girls Ministry Leader


Adrienne Feldmann

Online Campus Director

CJ Stephens

Interim First Impressions Director