Our mission at Northeast is pretty simple. We focus on loving God and loving others. Accomplishing this mission requires the financial sacrifice of the people that call Northeast their home. Giving is a way of showing love for God and for others. When you give, you enable Northeast to help its people grow spiritually and meet the needs of our community.

We encourage all of those who are part of our Church family to give not out of obligation but out of worship. Your gifts allow God's work to be done in the community. 

Thank you for your generosity. The following link will help you set online giving at Northeast and securely give online. 

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More information about giving can be found below.

Why Give At northeast?

Your giving helps:
  • Community - We believe that a relationship with Christ is the most important part of your life, and we want to help you live a life that is focused on Him. We do that through Community Groups, study opportunities and conferences that will help you engage on a deeper level in your relationship with Christ. It's why we celebrate baptism and stories of lives changed.

  • Servanthood - Meeting the needs of those that come onto our campuses and those in our community, both locally and globally,  is the greatest way we are able to show others that they matter to us and God. 

  • Weekend Services - From kid and student programming to worship and weekly messages, we want to inspire you, challenge you, and ultimately move you closer to Christ.

Securely Give On-line
Your information is held securely by an SSL encrypted connections. This information will remain private and will never be given away to third parties, other than to process your scheduled contributions.
ECFA enhances trust in Christ-centered churches and ministries by establishing and applying Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™ to accredited organizations. Financial accountability is important to us and that is why we take the extra steps to remain responsible with the money given to Northeast. 
  • 2017 Annual Report
  • Contribution Statement
  • Giving FAQ's

It’s an understatement that we aren’t just a little nervous when we set outrageous generosity goals. No matter how crazy they may be, God has always provided and he does that through each and every one of you. 

We believe that as leaders of Northeast, one of the best ways we can steward God’s incredible generosity toward us is to be as transparent as possible with you.  That’s why we’ve compiled this report.  We want to show you how we have done our very best to use the resources that you have shared with us in a God-Honoring way.  We want to show how your faithfulness in giving has led to action.  We want you to know exactly how your giving has impacted the ministry of Northeast in 2018.  

2018 Annual report

Hey Church,

Every time we set a generosity goal, I get really nervous. Every time I get really nervous, y’all put my lack of faith to shame and blow our wildest dreams out of the water. When I looked at our financials after the Love the 'Ville Eve Fund ($1.1 Million!), five words came to mine – “What’s wrong with these people?” Whatever it is, let’s never lose it. Let’s grow it!

Every. Single. Week. Our compassionate church is able to show Jesus’ love to literally thousands of people all across our church, city, and world. I wish I could line-up every visitor welcomed, child loved, attendee connected, church leader coached, and outsider baptized into Jesus. I wish I could introduce you to every prisoner visited, woman liberated, refugee sponsored, student served, teacher appreciated, and village provided for. But that’s part of what will make Heaven so great. We will have billions of years to hear and share the stories of how Jesus’ love worked through us to rescue others.

No doubt, we are the most compassionate church in Compassion City, U.S.A. Thank you! And the Love the ‘Ville movement is only four years old. Imagine the terror we will be when we are teenagers! Thanks for choosing to have less so you can give more. Thank you for believing that the local church is the body of Jesus and Jesus is the hope of the world. Thank you for making Jesus your reason. Jesus is why!

Your generosity is what fuels the mission of this church so let’s not slow down. In fact, let’s take it up a notch and continue to prove to our city God is alive and God is love!

Be bold. Love big. Stay faithful. Pray often.

Tyler McKenzie
Lead Pastor
Northeast Christian Church

P.S. A big goal for 2019 is to move as many people as possible into auto-giving through our online options. It solidifies the consistency of your generosity when you can’t make it to our weekend gathering and it gives us the stability to plan a more precise budget. Would you consider doing that today? The link is Thanks!

Northeast leaders are entrusted by our member to be responsible stewards of the tithes given to us. After careful consideration, the leaders of Northeast have made the decision to move away from mail paper statements to all our members, opting instead to use email. Not only does this save the church the expense of printing and mailing statements, you as members will receive your statements in a quicker and secure way. 

Click the link below and follow the prompts to log in. You can then print your own statement at any point in the year. 

Print Statement

How do I give?

You can give by check or cash in the offering plate, wall deposit boxes, mail, text or online.

What do my contributions support?

General Fund: Donations to Northeast Christian Church support its General Fund. This fund makes possible the day-to-day ministries and services of the church.

Special funds: Periodically, opportunities to designate a donation to a specific ministry initiative become available. To designate your contribution to a specific fund, simply indicate the name of the initiative on the memo line of your check or on your envelope, or if giving online, select from the drop down menu in the give section.

How does Northeast uphold financial accountability?

Northeast is firmly committed to good stewardship of funds entrusted to us. To ensure our financial accountability to you, we are a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. We fully support the ECFA and display its seal proudly to reflect compliance with its membership standards.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

You can contact Shawna Donahue at 502-212-5204 for general questions about giving; or Lisa Middleton at 502-212-5227 for questions about Planning Center (Our giving database) or Online giving.

Do I need Giving Envelopes?

No, Giving Envelopes are not necessary but they are available for your convenience.

Can I get Giving Envelopes?

Yes, you can get them by either emailing us at  or calling us at 502-426-6668.

What is Planning Center (

Planning Center is our web based, multi-functional church management software.

Do I need a login to set up Online Giving?

You will be asked to provide your email. If you do not have a login set up with us, you will be asked to create one. A link will be sent to your email provided to guide you through it. Should you have any issues, contact Lisa Middleton at 502-212-5227.

 Can I give online?

Yes, however, while this can have advantages, we want each person who chooses this option to make sure they are giving in a spirit that is pleasing to the Lord. While there are several ways to give electronically, including automatic withdrawal from checking accounts (ACH), savings accounts, debit cards and credit cards, there are fees associated. Depending on the way you give, there are options to cover the fees associated.

 How do I give online?

Use this link: Give Online. From there, type the amount you want to give, where you want that money to go, the frequency that you want to give and your email. You will then be asked how you want to give (credit/debit card or bank account).

 Can I give a one-time gift or recurring (repeating) gift online?

Yes. The system allows you the option of either making a one-time contribution or setting up a recurring contribution that is scheduled to process from your bank account, savings account or debit/credit card at a frequency chosen by the donor.

 Is it safe to give online?
Yes.  Planning Center ( is a secure site. 

Can I update/change my personal information and/or preferences in regard to giving?

Yes. You can change or cancel your contribution at any time before the date of your next contribution. Using this link: Give Infoenter your email and a link will be sent to you where you can make the necessary changes in the system. (Please keep in mind that, per IRS regulations, once a gift has been made to the church it may not be refunded).

 Are there any fees involved with giving online?

As the donor, you will not pay any fees with an online gift.  However, the church does incur fees for processing. You can choose to cover fees associated with your gift.  It is most cost effective for the church if online tithes and offerings are set up as ACH transactions rather than debit/credit cards.

When will contributions be taken from my account?

Contributions will be taken from your specified bank account within 48 business hours of the date you requested. This time frame allows time for the contribution to process through your bank and the church’s bank. If the date of your contribution falls on a weekend or a holiday, the transaction will be initiated on the next banking day.

Are my contributions private/confidential?

Yes.  For privacy and confidentiality, only a few key Northeast staff members have access to giving records.

Can I designate my contributions to a specific ministry?

Northeast prefers contributions to go into the General Fund so church leadership can use the funds as needed for the day-to-day ministries and services of the church. If you have questions about contributions to a specific area, contact us at

Are my contributions to Northeast tax deductible?

Yes, but always check with your tax accountant or financial advisor for current IRS tax regulations that apply to non-profit contributions.

How late in the year can I make a donation and still receive a credit for this year’s taxes?

Per IRS regulations, contributions for each year must be received or postmarked by December 31 of that year in order to receive donation credit for that year's tax purposes.

Please submit your online, mailed, or in-person donation accordingly.

 Does Northeast send out a paper Contribution Statement?

Only if specifically requested. In order to be more time and cost efficient, contributions statements are available anytime through the Northeast website Give page under the Contribution Statement Tab.

 When does Northeast send out Contribution Statements?

If requested, paper statements are mailed out at the end of January.

Can I donate personal property?

Yes, in some cases, but check with the Northeast Financial Office at 502-212-5204.

 Can I donate stock and/or mutual funds?

Yes, please contact the Northeast Financial Office at 502-212-5204 to get specific information.

 Can I donate real estate?

Yes, Real estate gifts at the request of the donor may also be accepted, depending on the circumstances. You should also consult with your tax advisor to make sure this is the right choice for you.

 Can I make Northeast the beneficiary on a life insurance policy?

Yes, talk with your life insurance agent about how to go about setting up Northeast as a beneficiary.

 Can I put Northeast in my will?

Yes, talk with your attorney about how to list Northeast in your will as a beneficiary.

 Can I include Northeast in my estate planning?

Yes, talk with your attorney and/or financial planner about including Northeast in your estate planning.

 Can Northeast help me with my finances and/or budget?

Yes, through our Money Coach Ministry.  This is a group of trained financial advisors who are available to assist you with financial and budgeting matters.

 Who do I contact to get help from a Money Coach?

You can contact the church through the Northeast website under “Ministries” → “Care” → “Money Coaching” or contact Steve McCormick, Financial Administrator at or by phone at (502) 212-5245.