Love The 'Ville isn’t just a motto - it’s a movement. We are a community on a mission to unleash Jesus' love everyday, everybody, everywhere, by meeting needs in our community. It’s our church’s DNA, and you’re invited to join us.

Love is meeting needs.

Have you ever encountered a need and not known how to respond? The Love the ‘Ville movement equips you to meet needs in your community and unleash the love of Jesus wherever you are. 

There are needs everywhere you look if you have eyes to see them. Whether they’re due to a pandemic, economic recession, racial injustice, or food insecurity, you are positioned to identify unique needs in your circle of influence. Love the ‘Ville helps you do something about it. There’s a lot going on around you. Don’t go through it alone.

Love the ‘Ville is a movement of thousands of your neighbors serving countless hours and giving away millions of dollars because we have a heart for the common good of our city.

We believe the best way to impact our community is through proactive, service-driven activities that build community and create a better, safer, friendlier city.

We empower you to love your neighbors. Our partnerships with local schools, nonprofits, and small businesses provide countless opportunities for you to carry the love of Jesus outside the walls of the church to make a tangible impact in our community.

Whatever you’re passionate about, we help you take action. If you see something on this list that lights you up, we can connect you with an opportunity to Love the ‘Ville. Do you see a need in your personal community? Do you feel a strong passion to help a particular group of people? Don’t wait on “the church” to do something. Be the church! This list is only the beginning of how we love our neighbors.

Love the ‘Ville can equip you to:

  • Feed the hungry
  • Serve people experiencing homelessness
  • Care for refugees and immigrants
  • Support Black communities and businesses
  • Empower teen mothers and women experiencing crisis pregnancies
  • Provide for vulnerable children
  • Support individuals recovering from addictions
  • Provide comfort for cancer patients

Love the ‘Ville will inspire and support you to meet a need when you see it.

Just a few of the things you can be a part of!


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The Love the ‘Ville movement began back in 2014 when 1,800 people from Northeast spent a Sunday morning serving at our “Clifton Blitz.”

Volunteers gathered in the Clifton neighborhood to paint homes and businesses, mow yards, clean up parks, and give away free food and bikes to kids. Since then, the Love the ‘Ville movement has exploded! We now host multiple large-scale serving events throughout our city every year, and we partner with dozens of local and global nonprofits. In everything we do, we want people to know and experience the love of Jesus.

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