School Blitz Unleash Jesus' Love

School Blitz | August 4 | Register Now | 

School Blitz | August 4 | Register Now | 

School Blitz | August 4 | Register Now | 

School Blitz | August 4 | Register Now | 

School Blitz | August 4 | Register Now | 

School Blitz | August 4 | Register Now | 

Love the ‘Ville Outreach unleashes the love of Jesus in our city and beyond.

Love The ‘Ville isn’t just a motto – it’s a movement. We are a community on a mission to unleash Jesus’ love every day, everybody, everywhere, by meeting the needs of our community.

To Love the ‘Ville means to unleash God’s love into every area of our lives. We started by asking our neighbors, “How can we help?” one Sunday morning, and it has grown into a year-round movement of loving our schools, city, and world! It’s our church’s DNA, and you’re invited to join us.

How will you Love the ‘Ville?
Get Involved & Serve


We impact the next generation by nurturing relationships with the principals, teachers, students, and families in our 11 partner schools. In addition, we serve 30+ schools through our annual School Blitz!


We partner with organizations in our city to bring peace and prosperity to those in need. Our goal is for everyone at Northeast to have a regular serving opportunity to expand God’s Kingdom on Earth by unleashing the love of Jesus.


We partner with global organizations to empower locals and meet the unique needs of their communities by building sustainable ministries. They show what it means to Love the ‘Ville right where they are.

In 2014, the Love the ‘Ville movement started with 1,800 people from Northeast who volunteered to spend a Sunday morning serving at our “Clifton Blitz”.

The volunteers gathered in the Clifton neighborhood to paint homes and businesses, mow lawns, clean up parks, and give away free food and bicycles to children. This marked the beginning of the Love the ‘Ville movement, which has grown exponentially! We now organize multiple large-scale service events throughout the year in our city, and partner with numerous local and global nonprofits. In everything we do, we want people to know and experience the love of Jesus.

Since then, countless individuals have joined the movement, giving away millions of dollars and serving countless hours, all for the common good of our city. We believe the best way to impact the community is through proactive, service-driven activities that help build a stronger, safer, and more friendly city.

Let us know about your time living the Love the ‘Ville lifestyle! Whether you served with one of our partners or served somewhere in your community, we’d love to hear about it.

Share Your Story

We empower you to love your neighbors.

Love the ‘Ville Outreach can equip you to help:
  • Feed the hungry
  • Serve people who are experiencing homelessness
  • Care for refugees and immigrants
  • Support Black communities and businesses

Our partnerships with local schools and nonprofits provide countless opportunities for you to unleash the love of Jesus outside the walls of the church to make a tangible impact in our community.

If you have a passion for something, we have resources and connections to help you take the next step. Our goal is to connect you with opportunities that excite you and enable you to Love the ‘Ville. Whether you see a need in the community or have a strong desire to help a specific group of people, don’t wait for “the church” to act.