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Terrence continues in our series “A Journey Into Captivity – A Study of Galatians” focusing on Reconciliation.

Reconciliation is a state of being. It’s a reality that you live in. It’s living in a restored state and renewed practices of relating to one another. It’s the sense that reconciliation requires a group of people to embody their shared identity and walk together toward the same goals and outcomes. And that is established through the finished work of Christ.

Jesus says, pick up your cross and follow me. And saying yes to Jesus is crucifying yourself daily for His purposes and His way. There is nothing significant about us except for the cross of Christ. There’s nothing we have to offer or that brings more meaning, purpose, and value to the life of a believer except the cross of Christ. Living in reconciliation with one another is embracing new creation – identity. It’s making much of the cross and little of our preferences, preoccupations, and presumptions.