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Ambassadors for Jesus in the Workplace | Interview with Richard Stearns

By February 27, 2022September 26th, 2023No Comments

This weekend, Tyler sits down with his mentor, Richard Stearns, to discuss the importance of being ambassadors for Jesus in the workplace. Whether your workplace is the home, in school as a student, or in a vocation, most of our time is spent “at work” in one way or another. How can we live with Jesus, being faithful to the calling to be “ambassadors for Christ” wherever we work?

https://northeastchristian.podbean.com/e/ambassadors-for-jesus-in-the-workplace-interview-with-richard-stearns/Richard Stearns, a past president of Parker Brothers and Lenox, Inc., and of World Vision United States, an international Christian relief charity, offers wisdom from his career that will give you practical inspiration to Love the ‘Ville in your workplace.