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How Do We Fight The Culture Wars?

By June 13, 2021September 29th, 2023No Comments
If you’ve spent any amount of time as a consumer of Christian media, you’ll likely be familiar with the great “culture war”. Christian media and political pundits would love for you to believe we’re engaged in a war for the soul of Christianity, the future of the US, and the fate of the next generation.
“Culture War Christianity” is a corruption of our faith because it prioritizes winning over witness, power over piety, protecting the 99 over reaching the 1, and self-preservation over selfless love.
How do we fight these “Culture wars” we hear so much about? If we look at the conversion of Saul found in the book of Acts, we see a cross-shaped alternative to the “culture war” mindset that isn’t very war-like at all.
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