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Love the 'Ville Church

Love the ‘Ville Church Pt. 1

By February 28, 2021September 29th, 2023No Comments
If you were to describe your spiritual life, would the word “intentional” be it?
Most of us would say that we want to have a better prayer life, or we want to read the Bible. We want to make church a weekly habit, join a group, or serve somewhere. We have every good intention to grow in Christ, but that does not make us intentional.
You don’t need good intentions. You need a plan. You need a playbook! This two week sermon series and our accompanying “Love the ‘Ville Playbook Devotional” will help you think through the areas in your life: Home, Workplace, Church, and City. This will help you see where and who God is calling you to. You’ll also get a better idea of who you need to serve, pray for, and love on.
It’s time to get intentional! Game on!
Check out the 7 day Love the ‘Ville Playbook Devotional here!
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