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Outreach Panel

By July 25, 2021September 29th, 2023No Comments
Everybody likes talking about love, tweeting about compassion, and virtue-signaling about justice. Not everyone likes the inconvenience, time, and consistency it takes to do it.
It’s socially advantageous and laudable in our culture to seem humanitarian, to have a cause.
But we must ask: Do we like the idea of love more than the act?
We’ve seen that a compassionate church is made through sweaty brows, dirty hands, achy backs, weekly commitments, and inconvenienced schedules. We have to put our money and muscle where our mouth is.
Are we up for the challenge to truly BE the Love the ‘Ville church, and not just applaud the idea of it? In this service, we hear from a panel of our community partners who are committed to loving their city one small act of great love at a time. As you listen, consider how you might follow in their steps to commit to being a doer.
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