Year after year, Lent is nestled in the calendar at the end of winter when we’re tempted to believe the days will always be cold and the nights will always be long.

During this season, we also experience the joy of the first signs of Spring. We bask in the warmth of the sun we almost forgot, feeling a spark of hope rise like the first sprout of green emerging from the hard ground.

In this “in between” season, we prepare to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. During Lent, we remember the death that stings and the sin that separates us from God. We come face to face with our brokenness and wonder, “Will this dark night last forever?”

On Good Friday, we see Jesus’ body broken, his blood poured out. We see ourselves at the foot of the cross, crying “Crucify him, Crucify him!” We remember Jesus, nailed to a criminal’s cross to pay the debt of our sin.

And then? We start counting to three.

The cross was meant to be the end. But praise God, Jesus didn’t stay dead. His death became victory through his resurrection. The end of Lent is Easter Sunday, where we gather to worship our God who is alive.


For the next seven weeks as a church, we’re observing this season of preparation. 

  • We’re looking back, remembering our sin that led to death.
  • On Good Friday, we’ll gather to lament Jesus’ crucifixion.
  • On Easter Sunday, we’ll gather to celebrate the victory of Jesus, rejoicing in the new life he gives to all who follow him.

Each week, you’ll be invited to participate in:

  • Reading a devotion from one of our staff members about the work of Jesus.

  • A few questions for reflection

If you commit to engaging in this season of Lent with us, it’s our prayer that you’ll approach Easter with confidence and joy, ready to worship our God who is alive.

Weekly Sermons & Devotions

Each week we will add the teaching here to help you engage in this season of Lent. You can listen to the week’s teaching and participate in the devotional and reflection through the links below.


Week One of Lent:

In this season of Lent, we look back at our past sin so that we can remember our need for a Savior.

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Week Two of Lent:

In this season of life where it’s been so hard to see the victories and wins, we can chooseto trust in God’s plan.

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Week Three of Lent:

Practicing repentance reminds us that our hope is found in what Jesus has already done, not in anything we can do ourselves.

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Week Four of Lent:

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Week Five of Lent:

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Week Six of Lent

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Week Seven of Lent:

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