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Seeking Shalom Series

Relief & Development | Outreach Series

By December 4, 2022December 13th, 2022No Comments

As a church, Northeast is committed to being in the forefront of both relief and development.

“Relief” makes a difference in communities in the short term by helping provide for immediate physical needs. “Development” takes a long term approach by working to reduce the need for future intervention and aid. Relief and development mobilize Christians locally and globally to express their concern and compassion in practical ways, such as financially supporting projects or volunteering where help is needed.

Sometimes, a simple food box or a Christmas Gift offered in God’s name is worth a thousand sermons on love and compassion. Where some look at the needs and pain in the world with despair or disinterest, Northeast sees tremendous opportunity and privilege to serve the poor, marginalized, and forgotten through both relief and development.

All we do in the ministry of relief and development is for God’s glory. Working with Love the ‘Ville outreach Partners, you could help a young woman leave a trafficked life. You could help a person experiencing homelessness leave their addiction and be housed and employed. You can help a refugee family integrate into society.

This is tough work, but the rewards are great.

Visit www.necchurch.org/outreach today to find a place to serve.

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