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This week, Terrence wrapped up week 3 of the “How to be a Witness” series, urging us to accept the call to be prepared witnesses for Jesus, ready to speak boldly wherever we are placed.

“Accept the call to be a prepared witness for Jesus…. willing to use words…right where God has you.”

As Christians, we are called to embody two essential roles:

* Evangelist: Those who share the good news of Jesus and the Christian faith.

* Apologist: Those who defend and explain the truth of Jesus and the Christian faith.

When we defend and explain the truth of the Christian faith, remember that our posture matters because we are sharing “good news.” Ask yourself if you are abiding in Christ before you speak, be intent on listening, and know your story. You can always use Terrence’s C.S.I. method—calm conversation, simple questions, and in-context scriptures—to help you through difficult conversations. Through prayer, understanding, and practical application, the church can fulfill its mission to make disciples of all nations.

Terrence recommended other resources to help us better understand how to witness effectively. You are encouraged to use his resources list to continue to grow in this area.