From Death to Life

Theology of the Resurrection Pt.1

Tyler McKenzie April 12, 2021 No Comments
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“Deconstruction” is a hot topic right now in the Christian world. Many would say that they are on a journey to “deconstruct” their faith, questioning whether or not they believe the things they’ve been taught.

We believe this is a healthy and helpful process as long as it has a proper starting point: the resurrection of Jesus. A confident belief in Jesus’ resurrection makes deconstruction healthier because it gives you the comfort to explore with the assurance of salvation.

You can poke, prod, question, and criticize knowing you’re safe in the deep acceptance of the Father when you believe Jesus is risen. With the resurrection as your starting point, you will set out to “deconstruct” with the humility to trust Jesus over self.

Join us for week five of our series, From Death to Life.