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Mental Health Season 3

When Burnout Hits

By November 21, 2021August 28th, 2023No Comments

Have you ever felt like you’re always behind, playing catch-up, and never “done” with your work or responsibilities? Is there an undercurrent of something in your life that doesn’t feel right and never goes away?

Do you maybe even feel that way right now as you’re reading this?

These are all signs of burnout.

If God and the people you’re closest to feel distant, if you’ve lost sight of your dreams, or you find yourself a slave to the “urgent” instead of the “important”, the way of Jesus offers a better way to live. In Week Four of Let’s Talk About Mental Health, we’re unpacking what the Bible says about Sabbath and how it can reverse and prevent the effects of burnout.

This might be the message you need to hear today, so take a break and tune in.

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